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How to travel safely

Staying safe made easy

We all like to feel safe and stay safe where ever we travel. We are lucky to have an amazing Safer Travel police team in the area who work along side the British Transport Police and many other partners.

It's not just personal safety either, keep safe on two wheels when crossing tram tracks and always obey level crossings whether on bike, on foot or in the car.

A few precautions can help to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable.

Top tips for staying safe:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Keep keys separate from anything with your address on
  • Keep bags closed at all times
  • Switch your mobile from ring to vibrate in public places and use it discreetly
  • Always wait in busy and well-lit places
  • If possible, avoid sitting upstairs on buses and sit near the driver
  • On trains, sit in a busy carriage and close to the train colleagues. There are emergency alarms on board – don't be afraid to use them in an emergency. They are there for your safety

Safer Travel Passenger Code of Conduct

See some top travelling tips from the safer travel team. 

Passenger Code of Conduct

See Something Say Something

If you see any anti-social behaviour during bus journeys, say something.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Cycling and walking near tram tracks

See our handy video guides to staying safe near the Midland Metro tracks.

Safety around tram tracks

Cycling safely around the area

Check our top tips for keeping your bike safe at stands and stations.

Cycling safety

Driver Awareness Guide

Think BLUE, let cyclists through - a guide to the new cycle routes on the A34 and A38.

Driver Awareness Guide

Plan your journey

Plan your journey





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