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We're better connected


Why rebrand?

We are creating an integrated transport network that will enable a positive change in the lives of millions of people. To deliver this a consistent brand across operators and infrastructure is key.

The new West Midlands Network brand will become the identifier for public transport across the region, simplifying information and connectivity.

We’re working to make the people of the West Midlands and the people who visit here better connected with the biggest public transport rebrand outside of London.


What’s already happened?

You’ll already have started to see the West Midlands Network hexagon and the mode variations appearing across the region. In 2017 West Midlands Railway launched with the orange hexagon and purple livery, shortly followed by West Midlands Metro with their striking blue trams and stops and the first jointly operated bus routes in the region sharing the West Midlands Bus branding and livery.



What is yet to come?

When local transport is made easier to understand more people use it, which helps reduce emissions, improve services and reduce traffic hotspots. Rebranding is so much more than just a set of new logos. It’s a recognisable network of stops, options, tickets and choices to make travel in the region easier for everyone.

You’ll see the West Midlands Network brands – like West Midlands Railway, West Midlands Bus and West Midlands Metro linking together more stations and more routes.

Our hexagon logo and diamond patterns will come to life across the region. New bus stops, signs timetables and posters are already being rolled out and will be easier to spot, to help make connections easier.