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Car Sharing

Share the journey

Share the journey, the cost and the carbon

Cut petrol costs in half, split parking fees, save the environment and enjoy the company! By choosing to share your car journey with another person, you’ll see some extra change in your wallet and you’ll be doing a great deal to tackle CO2 emissions in your local area.

Why Car Share?

  • Save money: Probably the biggest motivator for trying something new. Sharing your journey can effectively halve your petrol costs. You can also set a fare in advance with Liftshare.
  • Reduce stress: Split the weekly commuting between you and your car share companion and have the chance to relax as a passenger.
  • Be part of the solution: Congestion is a major source of air pollution and blocks the road for industry to move freely. By choosing to car share you are helping to tackle these problems and make your world a nicer place.
  • Perks: Park in the best spaces when there's two or more in the car. Parking spaces for those that car share are available at the rail stations below. No booking required, just turn up on the day as a pair or more to benefit. 

Solihull Station: Parking at Solihull station is run by Chiltern Railways. They offer a 'Three for Free' offer where if there are three or more people traveling in the car, you can park for free! Just validate your parking ticket at the station office with everyone present to benefit. 

How to get started  

  • Friends and family: The easiest way to share a ride is with someone you know well. 
  • Try setting up a group Whats app or Facebook messenger where everyone can discuss weekly travel plans.
  • Neighbours: Many people who live in the suburbs will drive into city centre using one of the main routes (A38, Hagley Road, Bristol Road etc...).
    So, it makes sense that if you notice someone on your road making the exact same journey, to ask them if they would be interested in sharing.
  • Mention in passing, knock on the door or pop a note through the door with your travel details, contact number and proposal (i.e split driving and frequency).
  • Colleagues: This can be a tricky one if your employer does not have a system in place already. But you could ask colleagues on your intranet, newsletter or even whilst making a cuppa!
  • Someone new: There are thousands of people making the same journeys every day. There are reputable UK wide and local sites available. The one you choose is dependent on where you live and where you might like to travel. We would recommend joining a few to start with to increase your chance of finding the perfect match.

Carshare websites

Visit these carshare websites to find your perfect match and start saving money and the environment.

Some things to consider: 

  • You don't always have to leave from the exact same start point, meet on route and travel the rest of the way in one car 
  • It doesn't have to be every day, car sharing just once a week can greatly help towards CO2 reductions
  • Always be upfront about any petrol contributions or split the driving to keep it fair

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