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Types of ticket

We have hundreds of different ticket combinations. You can use our ticket finder to find the right ticket for you.

As well as single and return tickets, you can get tickets for:

  • unlimited travel by bus, tram or train
  • combined unlimited bus and tram tickets
  • network tickets - these give you unlimited travel by bus, tram and train

These tickets can last a day, a week or a month. You can use them in different travel zones depending on the ticket - see the ticket finder for more details.


Swift pay as you go

You can travel cashless on almost all operators in the West Midlands with a Swift card. You can top up whenever you want. You can also register your card online so it can be easily replaced if you lose it. You can get a Swift card online.


Off-peak fares

You can get cheaper fares at off-peak times. Off-peak times are after 9.30am until 11.59pm. On the trains, you can also get evening return tickets after 6.30pm.

You can also get a friends and family ticket if you're with someone who has a train or network season ticket. This gets you an off-peak return on our network for £1.


Operator tickets

You can get special offers from Stagecoach and National Express. These are only valid on their services.

If you’re buying a ticket in person on a National Express bus, you can only pay by:

  • contactless card
  • Swift pay as you go
  • using the exact change in cash