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Workwise FAQs

Click on the sections below to see the answers to our frequently asked questions.


What is Workwise travel support?

Workwise travel support offers eligible jobseekers and apprentices 50% off selected NWM and NX bus travel passes for up to 3 months when they start a new job or increase their hours to 16 or more per week if already employed.


Why do I have to apply online, can't I apply in person or by post?

The Workwise discount scheme is administered through transport operators within the West Midlands. The scheme is offered in a similar way to some other Government initiatives, such as Universal Credit, which requires you to apply and manage your account via an online customer portal. In order to protect public funds by keeping administration to a minimum, you can only apply for Workwise travel support through our online application process.


Can I apply over the phone/e-mail or in person?

No, you must apply online


I’ve applied for Workwise travel support, but I have been declined, I’d like to know why?

We reserve the right to reject any applications for Workwise travel support which do not meet our eligibility criteria, or where the information you have provided in support of your application does not qualify you. If you would like to provide any new factual information in support of your application, you need to do this in writing by emailing quoting your Workwise reference number in your email. We will re-assess your application and e-mail you with our decision.


Why do I have to provide evidence of my job offer, can’t you call my employer to confirm this?

In order to qualify for support under the Workwise travel scheme, applicants are required to prove they meet the eligibility requirements. As such, it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide us with all the necessary evidence we need to confirm this. We reserve the right to verify the information you provide in your application with your employer or registered job centre, but this is at our discretion and in line with our terms and conditions.


I am self-employed, am I still able to apply?

We welcome applications from applicants who are self-employed. You will need to provide proof of unemployment (if applicable) in the same way. For your proof of job offer, you will need to provide either of the following: Official proof of registration as self-employed status, such as a letter from your Accountant (on letter-head) signed and dated or a letter from your job centre work coach confirming you are self-employed.  


Can I apply if I’m working a zero-hour contract?

Yes, you can still apply if you’re working a zero-hour contract, but you will need to provide proof of job offer as usual. We may contact your employer to confirm your weekly/monthly contracted hours or arrangements.

I’ve been approved for a previous Workwise application this year, can I apply again?

No, you can only apply once between 1 April and 31 March in the current financial year.


Can more than one person per household be helped?

Yes, there are no restrictions in terms of the number of people who can apply from the same household.


Can someone else apply for Workwise travel support on my behalf?

You can ask for help from a family member or friend to assist you in applying, but you must ensure you apply within five days of your official start date and provide the supporting evidence.

If you are registered with a Job Centre, your work coach might be able to help you apply.


Can I apply for Workwise travel support if I don’t have a permanent address?

Sorry, you must meet the criteria under the eligible area as stated within the “Am I Eligible” section.


What if I don’t have a National Insurance number?

Unfortunately, you can’t apply for Workwise without a National Insurance number


What if I am not claiming benefits or my partner claims for the family?

You can still apply for Workwise travel support whether you are in receipt of benefits or not.


Workwise used to provide free travel passes, so why do I have to pay?

Funding for a free travel pass has stopped. However, we currently offer 50% off the full-cost price of most NWM, NX bus and Metro travel passes for the first 3 months of your new employment.  


Can Workwise travel support assist me if my place of work is outside of the West Midlands area?

We can only offer travel support for travel within the West Midlands Network area:

We are unable to assist you with travel from the boundary to your place of work if it is outside of the West Midlands. Please click here to find alternative travel options for travel out of the area.


Can I claim for travel costs such as taxi, coach or transfers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover the costs of additional travel including taxi’s or coach transfers.


Can you send my travel pass to a new address?

When you have clicked on the purchase link to make payment for your travel pass, you will be asked to confirm if your details, including address, have changed. You should update your address details online. Please note, we may need to verify any new information to confirm if you would still be eligible for travel support. If you still reside within the eligible area, we will try our best to accommodate your request.


If my job falls through, what do I do with the ticket?

You can make one application only per year, so please contact Ticketing Services Team on 0345 303 6760


Can I use my travel pass/Swift card for social purposes?

Yes, you can use your ticket for purposes outside of commuting to work.


Will my employer know I have received Workwise travel support?

Sometimes it may be necessary to contact your employer to verify your employment details.  Workwise reserves the right to contact your employer to verify the information you have provided to determine your eligibility under our scheme.


Do I have to supply a new photo or can I use an existing one such as my Photocard?

A new digital photograph is required. Your photograph must be passport style; full colour, clear focus and not watermarked or using filters like snapchat or black and white.


What if I don’t have digital confirmation of my unemployment and/or job offer?

If you are missing any information, you will need to upload another file in its place, such as your photograph. Once you have completed your application, email us at quoting your Workwise application reference number in the subject header. You will need to add a cover note explaining why you weren’t able to upload the required information and attach the missing information to this email. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse or reject an application where enough evidence is not provided.


Can I apply for Workwise from my phone or tablet?

Although the Network West Midlands website is mobile-friendly, the Workwise application form should be completed using a PC/laptop with the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.


Travel during COVID 19 restrictions

Our latest travel advice and guidance regarding COVID 19.


Uploading documents and solving errors

When applying online I can’t get past certain sections and receive an error, what should I do?

Our application process may produce an error if any information you have provided isn’t recognised, for example a new address or building. It can also occur if a file you are uploading is too big or in an unrecognised file format. Please send a screen shot of the error to, including details of which part of the application form you encountered it and we will advise you further.


I got an error when applying so now I’m over the five days. What do I do?

E-mail with a screenshot of the error and we will advise you what to do.


The evidence I want to provide is on the screen or I can’t download it, how do I attach this to the application form?

If your evidence is an email or only available on your computer screen and cannot be downloaded as a PDF, DOC or JPG file, you can capture a screenshot of the information on your computer screen, which will create a static image.

To do this on a Windows-based computer, bring up the relevant information on your screen and press the PrtScn or PrtSc button on your keyboard. Create a new Microsoft Word Document. Press the keyboard combination Ctrl then V togetherto paste the screen shot into the Word document. You should save this Word document, giving it an appropriate file name and upload it when required during the application process.

For any other device, check the device instructions to find out how to take a screenshot.


There was a delay between starting work and receiving my first ticket. Can I claim a refund?

No. However, we include postage time when we issue your ticket by changing the start date accordingly so you won’t miss out on any travel days.


I purchased a travel pass before applying for Workwise, can I get a refund for this pass or ask you to start my Workwise pass after this one expires?

We do not reimburse any travel pass you have purchased prior to or after applying for Workwise travel support. When completing your Workwise application, on step 4 there is an “additional information” box on the bottom of the page where you can leave us any additional notes relating to your application, including any requests. You should add information about an existing pass here and if your application is approved you can state your preferred start date and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Buying your Workwise travel pass

I have received an email advising me my application has been approved, what should I do now?
You will receive an automated email from us with a web page link to make your first month’s discounted Workwise travel pass payment. You must click the link and make payment before the expiry date stated on this email.


I have made payment for my Workwise ticket online, when should it arrive?

Your first month Workwise Swift card can take 3 to 5 working days to arrive in the post. Your second and third travel pass will be added to your Swift card within three working days after your payment is received.


How do I pay for my second and third month discounted tickets?
You will receive an automated email (please also check your SPAM/JUNK folders often) approximately 10 days before your current ticket is due to expire inviting you to make payment for your next month’s travel pass. We will load your purchased ticket onto the original Swift card we sent you. To activate it, use our Swift Collector app on Android smartphone or find your nearest Swift Collector.


Will I be issued my Workwise travel pass on a Swift card?

Yes, you will be issued a Swift card. You must keep the same Swift card we issue you under the Workwise scheme for the 3 month offer period. 

NOTE: for your second and third month purchase we will top-up your original Workwise Swift account, you will need to visit a Swift Collector to activate the ticket on your Swift card.


Can I buy a nNetwork add on to my Swift card

No. nNetwork add-ons for Workwise tickets are only available on paper tickets bought separately.


How do I buy an Add On ticket for the train?

Add-On tickets are used only to extend train journey to out-of-county train stations – they cannot be used on the bus. You can buy Add-On tickets for your Network pass from any train station or Travel Information Centre. 

Please note: Add-On tickets are not eligible for any discount and you would pay full price for them.

Swift cards and activating your travel pass

Can I use my existing Swift card?

We will issue your Workwise travel pass onto a new Swift card.


What do I do if I have an existing Swift card that has credit on it?

We may be able to arrange for your new card to start when your credit runs out, or when your existing pass is due to expire. Please contact Ticketing Services on 0345 303 6760 option 1 for further assistance.


How do I register my card on the Swift website? 

Please visit, You will need to enter your personal information during registration and create a username and password to access your online account.


What do I do if I lose my Swift card?

Please contact Ticketing Services Team on 0345 303 6760, option 1. A replacement fee will need to be paid by debit or credit card over the telephone.

Your replacement Swift card will expire on the original expiry date. WMCA do not reimburse the cost of any travel arrangements you make while waiting for your replacement Swift card to arrive.

After your third Workwise travel pass expires

What do I do after my Workwise discount has finished?

You will need to purchase on-going travel at full-price. We recommend looking at our Direct Debit scheme, which offers the best value if you’re regularly commuting on public transport in the West Midlands.


Once I have purchased all 3 month’s discounted Workwise travel passes, how do I continue buying a travel pass? 

For a Swift card: You will need to register your card online and top it up with further travel. You may wish to consider our cost-effective Direct Debit scheme.


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