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Corporate Travel Scheme

Discounted travel for your employees

This is a ticket loan scheme which lets you buy discounted travel tickets for employees, who then pay for the ticket over a 12-month period via deductions from their monthly salary.

Joining the scheme is free, and every permanent employee on your payroll will be entitled to low-cost travel through the scheme saving them money every month.

Tickets available cover ntrain, ntrain out of county and nnetwork (bus, train, and tram travel combined ticket)  

Benefits to your organisation

  • An attractive recruitment and retention tool in a competitive market place
  • Alleviates over stretched car parking facilities and traffic congestion near your premises
  • Demonstrates a commitment to green travel initiatives

Benefits to your employees

  • Cheaper than buying through a retail outlet
  • Saves the time and hassle of queuing to buy daily, weekly or monthly tickets
  • Staff who already have a monthly travel pass will receive a full refund for any overlapping weeks
  • Tickets can be used at weekends and in the evenings for social and leisure purposes
  • Share the savings and flexibility with the Friends and Family Fare
  • Lost or stolen Corporate tickets are replaced easily and quickly (an administration fee will apply)

How much will your staff save?

  • Up to 2.5% off ntrain tickets
  • Up to 5% off nnetwork tickets

Eligibility criteria

  • At least 5 members of staff must be committed to buying a ticket through the scheme
  • The employer is committed to paying for all tickets up front and recouping the cost via staff salary deduction
  • Successful completion of financial checks

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to process new applications or replace tickets. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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