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WV Active

Swift have partnered with WV Active to bring you a 2-in-1 gym membership and PAYG card 

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Use on: Bus icon Tram icon
  • Gym membership and travel credit all in one place
  • No need to find exact change
  • Cheaper than paying with cash
  • Auto top-up available as an option

Your Gym membership includes unlimited gym, pool and classes at all three WV Active leisure centres:

  • WV Active Aldersley, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 9NW

  • WV Active Bilston – Bert Williams, Nettlefolds Way, Bilston, WV14 0EF

  • WV Active Central, Bath Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV1 4EG

Swift PAYG is the transport smartcard for the West Midlands and Cannock. You can load the card with credit to pay for single, return and day tickets.

  • Never be stuck for change

  • Manage your card online

  • Top-up online 24/7

You can use your PAYG card on the bus and tram within the West Midlands county boundaries and on the bus in Cannock.

  • Register your card with Swift. This is the only way to protect your credit if you lose your card.

  • Your WV Active Swift Card will replace your current gym membership card so you will need to validate your card with a member of staff at your gym.

  1. Hold your card on the card reader on the bus, or hand it to the tram conductor.

  2. Tell the driver or conductor which ticket you’d like. The fare will be deducted from your credit.

  3. If you’ve bought a day ticket or return, keep the paper ticket to show on your next journey.

Top up your card in your Swift account with our Click and Collect service. Buy online and collect onto your card using the Swift Collector Android app, or visit a Swift Collector. You can also top-up at one of our Travel Centres, Kiosks or a Payzone Outlet. 

Get more information on how to top-up.

  • Auto top-up - never run out of credit. Simply log in or create a Swift account at and link your Swift PAYG card to your debit or credit card. Whenever your balance reaches £10 or less, it will trigger a top-up of your agreed amount. You can choose to top-up £10, £20, £30 or £40 each time.

  • Check your balance - to check your current balance log in to your Swift account, use a Swift Collector or the Swift Collector Android app.

For a replacement card please visit WV Active. If you have credit on your lost card, email the Swift Support team for help transferring it to a new card.

Keep your card in good condition with these easy-care tips:

  • To avoid being overcharged, separate your card from other bank or loyalty cards when placing on a reader.

  • Take care not to bend or scratch your card or write anything on it.

Can I use the travel pass on the train?

Please note the pass is not valid on rail services.

I have a problem with my Gym membership.

For all matters regarding gym membership, access to the gym etc. to speak to a member of WV active staff.

Can I use my Swift card balance to pay for any gym benefits/classes?

Your Swift card balance is for transport use only and will not be accepted to pay for any additional gym membership benefits etc.