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Travelling by Train

Getting around the West Midlands by Train

Train is a popular choice with fast and direct services between key towns and cities across the West Midlands. Follow our guide below for an easy journey.

We also have a downloadable PDF of this guide.

1. Before you leave

Here you can decide the route, which modes of transport to use and check fare prices in advance. Use postcodes when planning your journey for more accurate results.

For longer train journeys, to check fare prices, or to buy your ticket in advance, use National Rail Enquiries

 Consider mixing up your journey by cycling, by catching the bus to the station or by using one of the 8,000 Park & Ride spaces across the West Midlands.

  • Bring cash or card to buy a ticket. Some ticket machines only accept notes.

 You can travel around the region at ease with our contactless travel card known as Swift card. We also have a full range of tickets available to search.

2. At the station

  • Head to the ticket office or machine to buy or collect your ticket. Make sure you buy your ticket before you get on board.
  • Figure out which platform to go to by checking for your train on the digital display screens.
  • Use signage around the station to help you find your platform.
  • When at the platform, check the digital screens to make sure it is for the correct train – or ask someone if you’re unsure - and wait for it to arrive.

Remember if you walk further down the platform you may be more likely to grab a seat. If you booked your ticket in advance, check for a seat number on your ticket.

3. Getting on board

  • Allow people to get off and get on the train. Mind the gap between the train and the platform edge!

Most trains have luggage racks at the end of each carriage and have storage above the seats.

4. During your journey

  • Relax, have your Swift card or ticket ready for inspection and enjoy the journey! This is a great time to watch your favourite series, read a book or catch up with work.
  • Listen or look out for your stop.  Announcements are made as the train approaches each stop. Signs are also in place at each station.
  • As the train slows get ready to get off. And don’t forget your luggage!

Be aware that you will need to press the ‘open door’ button when the train stops as the doors won’t open automatically.

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