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Travelling by Bus

Getting around the West Midlands by Bus

Travel advice

Our bus network carries more passengers every day than any other type of transport. There is almost nowhere the bus can’t take you. Follow our guide below for an easy journey.

We also have a downloadable PDF of this guide.

1. Before you leave

Here you can decide the route, which modes of transport to use and check fare prices in advance. Use postcodes when planning your journey for more accurate results.

Live timetabling can also be found on the Network West Midlands website.

  • Bring cash or a contactless card to buy your ticket. If you’re paying cash, remember exact change is required.

You can travel around the region at ease with our contactless travel card known as Swift card. We also have a full range of tickets available to search.

2. At the stop

  • Check for your bus number on the bus stop sign or by checking the digital or printed timetable at the bus stop.
  • Make a clear signal with your arm to the driver as your bus approaches.

3. Getting on board

  • Once the bus has stopped, let other people get off and then get on.
  • Check with the driver that the bus goes to your destination. Ask them to let you know when you’re getting close to your stop.
  • Pay by tapping your Swift card or contactless card or by paying the driver with the exact cash.

4. During your journey

  • Time to get comfy and enjoy the bus ride! This is a great time to watch your favourite series, read a book or catch up with some calls.
  • Listen or look out for your stop.
  • Press the ‘STOP’ bell as you approach your stop.
  • Hop off the bus and thank the bus driver for the ride!

Have you considered taking different forms of public transport to get around the West Midlands? Check out our other transport guides.

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