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Self-help resources and information

Self-help resources and information

The coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for businesses across the region but as the lockdown measures begin to ease, we have a growing range of resources available to help businesses encourage staff to travel more actively and carry out their own travel planning.

Staff travel guide

A 'how to' guide on how to promote public transport and active travel where you work.

Download staff travel guide

Staff induction flyer

Printable flyer to help new employees plan their commute.

Download staff induction flyer

Staff travel survey

Find out how your staff are travelling with our free travel survey template.

Download travel survey template

Tips for car driving

Easy ways for you to save money on your motoring costs.

Download car driving tips guide

Site audit

Assessment template to audit your company's site.

Download site audit template

Travel plan support

This guide will help your business with travel planning.

Download travel plan support guide

Fleet support

Visit to find out more about fleet support.

Download fleet support guide