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Cycling & Walking support for your organisation

We have a wide range of grants and support options available. Help your staff by encouraging them to make sustainable and active travel choices.

There are many benefits if your staff cycle and walk to work. It can help to:

  • Improve mental and physical wellbeing of staff
  • Improve traffic congestion and air pollution in your local area
  • It can help your organisation to meet environmental and sustainability targets


Cycle Parking for Organisations

We are working with Park That Bike to install free cycle parking to organisations of all types.


The scheme will support employees cycling to work now and in the future.


Applications end 31 October 2020. Find out if you’re eligible and apply now.

Apply for free cycle parking

Modeshift - free travel planning

Modeshift STARS has been set up to help your organisation produce Travel Plans. By acting on the travel plans we help you to produce, your organisation can get accredited.


Let us help your business to move towards active and sustainable travel. Contact us so we can help to understand your needs.

Get access to free travel planning support

Love to Ride

Love to Ride is an cycling community for people and organisations.

Staff can set goals, track their rides and share their progress with others. There are also online resources they can access.


Join in on competitions during the year to get more staff on bikes.

Log your rides with Love to Ride

Improvements in your area

The Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) will support the delivery of over 45 temporary projects across the West Midlands. This includes pop-up cycle lanes and pavement widening. These aim to promote safer travel and get businesses and their employees back up and running.

Stay up to date on projects near your company premises and encourage staff to have their say.

Have your say on improvements in your area

Bike Bike Revival (Business and Community)

Cycling UK's Big Bike Revival (BBR) aim to get more staff back on bikes. They have a range of resources and events available. These include:

  • Fix your bike: Bike servicing is available to make sure bikes are safe to use and are road worthy. Help is via pop-up bike mechanics & BBR events.

  • Learn how to ride: Training courses and online resources can help anyone to get on a bike.

  • Get riding: Join in on Community Cycle Clubs and business engagement workshops. Or get personalised travel plans. Help is available to get anybody back on a bike.

Grants – small grants are available to clubs and delivery centres. This is to help them to set up and deliver cycling activities. It is also to help cover things like equipment, staff time, training courses and more.


If you want to gain access to these services, please complete our contact form.

Learn more about Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival

Social prescribing - for GP's

We are helping GP surgeries in the Black Country to offer social prescribing to patients.


The aim is to help people improve their physical and mental health. We help by signposting people to areas and activities that can help them to cycle and walk more.

View Primary Care Networks running this scheme

Living Streets - for schools

Living Streets are organising many events and activities during the year. This is part of their "WOW West Midlands" program, which is for primary schools and nurseries.


The events aim to educate children on travel that is active and sustainable. For example, by cycling and walking more.

See the events that are happening

Coming soon: British Cycling (Business & Community)
  • Recreation led rides  
  • Education course delivery across Cycle training, Leadership, Coaching and Recreation to providing Businesses, Communities with the workforce to deliver.  
  • Education course delivery to enable more people to choose cycling for their daily commute.   
  • Bespoke marketing and promotional support.  
  • Cycle confidence and Learn to ride sessions.   
  • Promotion of ‘Ride Social’ to encourage group commutes to work.    
  • Clubs and groups support.   
  • Coaching offer  
  • Education course delivery: Ride Leaders and coach development.
Coming soon: Love Exploring app

A walking app is coming to the West Midlands. Stay tuned.

Help your employees Thrive at Work

Investing in the health and wellbeing of your staff can have huge financial benefits.

Get all the guidance and advice you would need to get started, for free.

Get involved in Thrive at Work

In need of support?

Let us help your organisation. Share with us your needs by completing our support form. Our team will then be in touch.

Request support for my organisation

Roll & Stroll

Our Roll & Stroll campaign aims to give staff all the support they need to cycle and walk around the region. Our guide includes:

Information to get ready to cycle to work

Cycling and walking routes in the region

Advice for those getting back on the bike

Learn more about Roll & Stroll